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  • Accredited ISO Certification service in Cambodia

    Accredited ISO Certification body accepted worldwide provide specialized solutions to make your business faster, simpler and more efficient through independent, impartial assessments, ensuring globally recognized ISO certification and inspections.

QA Technic Cambodia

We are leading ISO Certification & Inspection agency in Cambodia

We provide worldwide, independent and impartial services that make a difference in your business. We recognize that global benchmark for quality and integrity is important for industry, thus our experts provide specialized solutions to make your business more efficient and productive.

ALBERK QA TECHNIC A.Ş ISO certification & inspection body with its head office in Germany acts as a independent registrar for management system certification and Inspection agency. 

Our company was established at  December 2004 by German engineers with 100% local capital and started its operations under the name of Alberk Kalite Ekspertise which was changed in the August of 2007 to Alberk QA Uluslararasi Teknik Kontrol ve Belgelendirme Ltd.

QA Technic Cambodia represents ALBERK QA TECHNIC A.Ş in Cambodia as registered Cambodian entity to provide management system certification audits and inspection services.

Our certification and audit activities are controlled, monitored and supervised by our Head Office ALBERK QA TECHNIC A.Ş and continuously evaluated by IAS International Accreditation Services for retaining confidence in certification market. 

Leaders in ISO Certification Audits

QA Technic Cambodia is first accredited Certification Body established in Phnom Penh Cambodia 


QA Technic Cambodia has single vision to serve its customers with loyalty  and Integrity that benefits our customers & stakeholders


QA Technic Cambodia mission is to provide impartial, fair audit service that provides opportunity to our customer to grow and achieve continues growth.

Key benefits for Our ISO Certification Customers

We can perform audits across a vast spectrum of ISO and other regulatory standards. Whether you need ISO 9001, automotive standards, or business continuity, we have experts and auditors all over the world to assist you. In cambodia we have team of auditor that can save your audit cost for unnecessary travel and accomodations. 

Fair & Impartial Audit

QA Technic Cambodia is a standard of excellence which all of our clients deserve. Our approach ensures that you receive an independent, impartial, service-driven audit that generates insights and advances your company or organisation towards its definition of success. 

Value of your Certification

Through our ISO certification audits and accreditation, you can be assured that the certificates awarded by us are of high value and are globally recognized an accurate representation of international standards in practice.

Accredited Certification

QA Technic Cambodia confirms the quality of its own work through accreditation. 
We carry out activities according to the currently highest quality standards.  Our competence and performance are regularly evaluated and formally confirmed by an independent and generally accepted accreditation body.