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    We the only certification agency in Cambodia provided ISO audit and certification services and our exceptional experience means we can demonstrate references of satisfied customer experience.


Reliable and accredited ISO certification services

Whichever sector or industry your business operates in, small or big you need that your services, products and processes ensure that they deliver optimum performance, quality and safety. 
Having them ISO certified by a accredited certification partner like QA Technic Cambodia will help them and your business to stand out.

Important Information for ISO Certification Clients 

Find out everything you need to know about ISO certification.

Certification Process

ISO certified management system, therefore, is a means of ensuring continuity of operations by aligning policies, performance targets and organizational objectives.

Certification Rules

Rules of ISO Certification contains the requirements for the third party certification in line with ISO 17021 supplemented with ISO/ TS 22003. It provides the information for the operator, certification body, accreditation body as well as the scheme owner QA Technic for the good functioning of the certification scheme.


For a ISO certification body to provide a reliable assessment, being impartial is most necessary. An impartial assessment standing on a neutral position not influenced by interests or other pressures is what most concerned.

Complaint & Appeal

We welcome comments on the performance of any certification activity under our certification scheme where the issue relates to relevant norms. Such comments will be taken into account during assessment and surveillance.

Use of ISO Certification Mark

System Certification Symbol (logo) can not used in internet, address, document, brochure and communication medias such as advertisement except the activities of certificate scope belongs to
organisation management system.

ISO Application Process 

The Certification application process involves a review of your certification scope and required Audit man days to determine if you meet the standards and requirements for certification approval.

Certified Clients 

QA Technic Cambodia maintains the data of its certified clients for public interest under the rights and obligation of certification management system

QA Technic Cambodia

QA Technic Cambodia  is a ISO Certification Body providing ISO certification Audit Services, Product Testing, Inspection and CE Marking in Cambodia. 

ISO Standards

QA Technic is a independent and impartial organization specializing in helping SMEs improve their businesses through providing quality auditing services to improve their quality management systems against ISO Standards Like ISO 9001 QMS, ISO 14001 EMS, ISO 45001 OHSMS, ISO 22000 FSMS, ISO 27001 ISMS in Cambodia.

Why you should choose QA Technic Cambodia?

QA Technic Cambodia has the resources for all your certification needs and based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. This brings a benefits to your business and local economy, people and your country economic growth. We try to hire and use local people as much as possible and train them under the supervision of our experts Team that brings experience globally.

Undoubted benefits for your business supporting QA Technic Cambodia

When it comes to supporting QA Technic Cambodia, you’re not just helping your community—it supports you too.

For every dollar you spend at an local business. This money is going right back into the community you live and work in, helping support valuable programs for yourself and your family. Not only is your local economy strengthened when you choose QA technic Cambodia, but you also help create more jobs.

Think long-term

Partnering with or patronizing local businesses is one way of keeping the economy around your business environment viable.

Partnering with a QA Technic Cambodia offers a personalized touch and a degree of customer service that can’t be matched remotely.