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    Complaints & Appeals

    Expression of dissatisfaction, by any person or organization to a conformity assessment body, relating to the activities of that certification body.

Complaint and Appeal Process

It is important to QA Technic Cambodia that we provide an impartial and transparent assessment and certification service and we welcome input from any concerned parties on the performance of QA technic Cambodia, or applicant and certified clients at any time. All enquiries, including complaints and appeals, reports of misuse of certification status or scheme owner logos, are answered. Similarly, the option to object to a cited non-conformity and to appeal an QA Technic decision are also basic rights.


QA Technic Cambodia is committed to promptly responding to and investigating relevant complaints. These may be against QA Technic itself or against auditors, certification body personnels under QA Technic Cambodia surveillance.

Client have right to make complaint on following reasons: 

  • QA Technic certification body performance (for example, inconsistent or inaccurate reviews) 
  • QA Technic Cambodia Auditor performance (for example, inaccurate opinions, unethical behaviour, arguments, unprofessional attitude, promoting bribe)


QA Technic Cambodia clients have the right to appeal against QA Technic decisions, within 15 days starting from the date of receiving the decision.

Before submitting an appeal - clients shall have to cover the corresponding appeal fees according to QA Technic fees. Any paid appeal fees are refunded in case of positive resolution of an appeal in favor of the client.