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    ISO 9001:2015 QMS

    For organizations asking how to improve the quality of their products and services and consistently meet their customer's expectations.

ISO 9001 and related standards Quality Management

ISO 9001 sets out the criteria for a quality management system and is the only standard in the family that can be certified to (although this is not a requirement). It can be used by any organization, large or small, regardless of its field of activity. In fact, there are over one million companies and organizations in over 170 countries certified to ISO 9001.
This standard is based on a number of quality management principles including a strong customer focus, the motivation and implication of top management, the process approach and continual improvement. These principles are explained in more detail in ISO’s quality management principles. Using ISO 9001 helps ensure that customers get consistent, good-quality products and services, which in turn brings many business benefits.
There are 9000 series standards that are 

ISO 9000:2015 Quality management systems — Fundamentals and vocabulary

ISO 9000:2015 describes the fundamental concepts and principles of quality management which are universally applicable to the following:
organizations seeking sustained success through the implementation of a quality management system;
  • customers seeking confidence in an organization's ability to consistently provide products and services conforming to their requirements;
  • organizations seeking confidence in their supply chain that their product and service requirements will be met;
  • organizations and interested parties seeking to improve communication through a common understanding of the vocabulary used in quality management;
  • organizations performing conformity assessments against the requirements of ISO 9001;
  • providers of training, assessment or advice in quality management;
  • developers of related standards.
ISO 9000:2015 specifies the terms and definitions that apply to all quality management and quality management system standards developed by ISO/TC 176.

ISO 9004:2018 Quality management — Quality of an organization — Guidance to achieve sustained success

ISO 9004:2018 gives guidelines for enhancing an organization's ability to achieve sustained success. This guidance is consistent with the quality management principles given in ISO 9000:2015.
ISO 9004:2018 provides a self-assessment tool to review the extent to which the organization has adopted the concepts in this document.
ISO 9004:2018 is applicable to any organization, regardless of its size, type and activity
ISO 9001:2015 Certification 
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