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    QA Technic Cambodia certification rules and regulations implies to its stakeholders, clients for each accredited certification management system

Certification Rules & Regulations

These application principles has written in accordance with rules of international Accreditation Organizations and international regulatory authorities by implementing all of the operations of QA TECHNIC. QA TECHNIC Cambodia works in comply with rules of accreditation organizations, international regulatory authorities’ guidelines and certification standards as ISO/IEC 17021-1:2015, ISO/IEC 17020:2012 and ISO/TS 22023 and IAF MD Series of guidelines.

Maintaining the Management System / conformity of processes and products

In order to obtain and maintain a certificate, the Client shall implement and maintain a documented management system which fulfils the requirements of the selected standard or specification. In case of process / product certification, Client is responsible for assuring ongoing conformity. The Client shall provide evidence of conformity and effectiveness of the assessed management system, processes or products, readily available for audit by the assigned audit team. The Client shall undertake all necessary actions to ensure that the management system and/or product is maintained in a conforming and effective manner at all times.

Changes in Client Management System

The Client will be notified of any changes to the certification program or new or revised requirements that affect the Client. In case the certification applies to ongoing production, the Client shall ensure that the certified product continues to fulfill the system or product requirements. QA Technic shall verify the implementation of changes by the Client and initiate required measures in the certification process.

Notification of Changes and Special Incidents

The Client is obliged to inform QA Technic Cambodia immediately of any changes, which may influence the certified management system, processes or the certified products. This applies in particular to the purchase/sale of all or a portion of the company, any change in ownership, major changes in operations, fundamental alterations in processes, incidents such as a serious accident or a serious breach of regulation/legal obligation necessitating the involvement of the competent regulatory authority, or the filing for bankruptcy or composition proceedings. In any of these cases, QA Technic will consult with Client and determine how the certificate may be maintained.

The Client is obliged to immediately notify QA Technic in case of a product recall. The individual certification standards and their regulations use different time frames in terms of meeting this deadline. These specifications can be found in the respective standards and their applicable regulations.


In case any amendment regarding the reduction of products within manufacturing field of company, scope of the company declared on the original certificate will be reduced. When this kind of information is received, reviews are realised and scope will be amended by conducting audit. Costs regarding the reduction of certificate scope, is composed by sum of requested audit programme and costs of additional administrative activities regarding new certificate issue.
If the audit indicates the current status of activities in relation to company’s scope, is completed successfully, the certificates is re-arranged and the old one is sent back to QA TECHNIC.

Suspension, Withdrawal of a Certificate 

The QA Technic Certification Body is entitled to temporarily suspend a Certificate if client violates certification, contractual or financial obligations towards QA technic, including but not limited to:

  • Corrective actions have not been demonstrably and effectively implemented within the agreed-upon time frame; 
  • The schedule of audits suggested by QA Technic for audit(s) necessary for the maintenance of the certification have not been complied with and the prescribed frequency since the previous audit has thereby been exceeded; 
  • QA Technic has not been informed in a timely manner about planned changes to the management system, special incidents or product recall or other changes, which affect the conformity with the standard or specification which forms the basis for the audit; 
  • Relocation of the certified site/installation without previous notification to QA Technic;
  • QA Technic certificate or a certification symbol has been used in a misleading or unauthorized manner;
  • Due payments for audit and certifications services have not been made timely after at least one written reminder.

Visit Of Accreditation Bodies (Witness Audits)

In case the accreditation body have a request to conduct witness audit at your organization, witness audit will be realised by the confirmation of your company. In case the witness audit is conducted at your organisation, accreditation body will comply with the confidentiality principles.
Accreditation bodies have an authority to conduct the unannounced site audit. Accreditation bodies participate to these audits in order to evaluate ALBERK QA TECHNIC not to observe and assess your company.
Throughout these visits, in case any critical situation related with company is detected and declared to your attention, your company will take a proper action according to its own procedures.