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Certified Client Register 

We provide customers with a variety of certificates and reports to confirm the results of Audits, inspections we have completed. We also provide a free document verification service, for QA Technic documents, which will provide clear confirmation as to whether a document is genuine or not, before you rely on it for any purpose.

Use the Search link  below for a certificate issued by QA Technic both domestically and globally. 

Verification  of other schemes Like HACCP, GMP, HALAL 

HACCP, GMP is the System to identify hazards CCPs and put them in control to manage hazards from reaching consumers and implement measures to ensure food safety. It helps to provide a set of requirements at all levels of the food chain, with the exception of primary production. QA Technic Conducts a comprehensive assessment and verification that ensures that a successful HACCP program is properly implemented, management is committed to a HACCP and GMP approach