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  • The Basics Of ISO Certification Process


    Certification or registration to a standard is outcome of assessment by a independent third party such as "QA Technic Cambodia"

Process of ISO Certification

Whether its certification of management system or product, process or service it provides evidence to your customer of your compliance according to ISO International or National  standards. 

ISO Certification 

Certification is a seal of approval that your management system confirms to the requirements of International Standard


Upon verifying that your organization is in compliance with the requirements of the relevant standard by means of an audit, a Management System Certification is granted by QA Technic Cambodia for three year subject to fulfill the annual surveillance audit. This certification is then maintained through scheduled annual surveillance audits conducted by QA Technic Cambodia, with the re-certification audit performed on triannual basis.

A certified management system, therefore, is a means of ensuring continuity of operations by aligning policies, performance targets and organizational objectives. Regardless of the organization’s size, the MS certification positively influences the organization’s level of internalization and enhances its values by catalyzing the efficiency improvement and risk management process, thus increasing consumer satisfaction, and eliminating errors.

Maintaining Your ISO Certification Status
​ISO Surveillance Audit

Once you receive your certificate issued by QA Technic Cambodia, next step is to maintain your certification system through annual surveillance audits. 

QA Technic Cambodia performs this audit on yearly basis to make sure your management system remain compliant with the international standard requirement. 

How to become ISO Certified by QA Technic ?

A successful and effective Management system is one that is improved on continual basis. Therefore, both your management system and certification has to be4 maintained.

Therefore, accredited certification consists of two stages:

Initial Certification: 

Initial certification is performed before you actually receive the certification approval. Initial Certification is performed by QA Technic Cambodia in two stage


The audit is performed by QA Technic Auditors to check your documented process like Manuals, procedures, see your facilities and briefly examine the level of your implementation.


This stage is known as Certification audit, QA Technic Cambodia auditors conducts audit on your site that includes a formal interviews with your management and staff, observation of your system in operation and verification of records maintained of activities performed. 

Here at this stage auditors check the degree of your compliance with standard requirement and legal and regulatory requirements. ONce they verify that your company is compliant has has no major issues, they will recommend your company for granting the certificate.