Complaints & Appeal Process

ISO certification Body-K2A Complaint & Appeal Procedure

Complaints & Appeals

It is important to the ISB-K2A that we provide an impartial and transparent assessment and accreditation service and like to receive input from any concerned parties on the performance of the applicant and accredited certification bodies at any time.


All inquiries including complaints and reports of misuse of Certification status or scheme owner logos are answered. Similarly, the option to appeal against an ISB-K2A decision is also a basic right.


In order to encourage transparency, all applications for certification and surveillance visits are posted on our News posts here on our ISB-K2A web site to invite comments.


We welcome comments on the performance of any certification activity under our certification scheme where the issue relates to relevant norms. Such comments will be taken into account during assessment and surveillance.


The ISB-K2A prides itself on responding to and investigating relevant complaints. These may be against the ISB-K2A itself or against the certification process of the Auditor under its certification scheme.

Complaints against certification should normally be directed in the first instance to the bodies themselves. If the complainant feels the issue was not appropriately handled, it can be referred to as the Accreditation. Where a complainant has a good reason.

The ISB-K2A can investigate complaints anywhere in the world where the issue is relevant to activities under ISB-K2A supervision.

The complainant is always informed of the outcome of the complaint investigation.


The ISB-K2A appeal policies can be found with the majority of all our policies in our download area of this website or they can be downloaded through the related document quick links on the sidebar on the right of this page. The policies explain the appeals process regarding Certification decisions made by the ISB-K2A as well as challenges by third parties to ISB-K2A certification decisions.


Misuse of marks, logos, and names


Cases of misuse of the ISB-K2A or Accreditation Symbols, name, or those of scheme holders will be investigated and appropriate actions are taken. 

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