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How to Get your Business ISO certified?

ISO Standards can greatly benefit your business, including its internal operations, efficiency and profitability, as well as provide marketing advantages and the ability to tap markets that are only open to ISO certified companies. Organizations like yours can realize these powerful benefits if they actively pursue them and if they identify and set the right objectives at the start of their ISO 9001 certification process.

Many business today want their management system to get certified for ISO Standards, but their challenge is that they do not know how to go for it. Its always challenging for all most every company, therefore we explain you how you and your organsiation can drive your objective to get your business ISO certified.

You may be interested for any ISO Standards Like ISO 9001 or ISO 14001 or ISO 45001, the approach is the same. So, to drive your business on the path of success and build a good management system you need to follow the following mentioned steps:


The first step addresses how to prepare and implement ISO Standard at your small or midsize company or Large business- including making a decision on your certification approach. It's an important step that sets the foundation of your certification process and greatly affects the long-term success of your ISO certification.

Develop your management system

Identify your core or business process document processes with the involvement of employees. Review, approve and distribute the documents to those who need access to the information.

  • Develop a management system Quality Policies and procedures

  • Set the Objectives that benefit your business by considering your policy statement.

  • Plan your ISO project


Implement your system

Ensure procedures are being performed as they are described in your documentation.Ensure employees are trained properly for the tasks they are performing.Create effective reporting systems to cover inspection, testing, corrective actions, preventive actions, management review meetings, monitoring of objectives, statistical techniques and so on.Monitor the effectiveness of your processes through the use of measurable data, where possible.Review and take action to improve in the areas required.

  • Appoint a Team who will take responsibility and authority to implement the system

  • Start your team training on the standards you wish to implement.

  • Train your Team on Internal Audits


Verify that your system is effective

Conduct the audit and review the processes and system for compliance and effectiveness. Observe, interview people and look at sample records.Identify and report strengths and weaknesses of the management system.Take corrective or preventive action as required.

  • Conduct the Internal Audit of your Management System

  • Conduct a Management Review to check the outcome of your internal audit

  • Consider the inputs and outputs of your internal audit and take appropriate action accordingly.

  • Remove the Non-Conformities and check if all NC's are properly addressed and corrective action is taken.


Register your system

Contact us as your auditing body for external registration.

Submit your management system documentation for review to ensure it complies with the applicable standard.

Prepare for review by an external auditor to confirm that the system’s requirements are being satisfied and that the management system is implemented effectively.

This is the final step where your management system will be audited by our competent auditors and recommend your organization for certification.

For More information you can send us your request through our website or Whatsapp us +855 70460000

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