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ISO Certification in Cambodia

Updated: May 22, 2020

Get your business ISO certified and increase the confidence of your customers on your products and services.

Whether you are interested in expanding into a new product line or market or spending more time in front of your customers, ISO certification body can support you through the process. Obtaining ISO certification can help you stand out from the competition.

An ISO certification can help increase the credibility of your business and improve your recognition around the world. Your company is more valuable when compared to your competitors, and your status is better in the eyes of your clients.

There is some guidance to understand the requirement of ISO 9001:2015. • Understand your company and determined inner issues such as related to values, culture, knowledge, and performance of the firm and external issues arising from the legal, technological, competitive, market, cultural, social, and economic environments, whether global, national, regional or local. • Who are the relevant interested parties (the preferred term to stakeholders) and what are their needs? Generally customers of course – so what do they want? always better products/services as per their needs, and on time. Other interested parties could be end-users, suppliers, distributors, retailers, or others in the supply chain, regulators, etc. • You need to determine QMS scope and where are the boundaries of the management system? What is in and what is out? This needs to be appropriate to the firm and its objectives • Exclusion term is not now used and replaced by applicability and non-applicability. • You need to document the scope. • There is no change in this requirement just an improved version. • You need to determine what your processes are (including support/management processes.) • There is more here; top management now has to have greater involvement in the management system. • Customers have to demonstrate their commitment by making sure that the management system achieves its intended outcome and has adequate resources. Also, they have to inform everyone that the management system is important and that everyone should participate in its successful implementation. • The ISO 9001 policy has been strengthened More Focus on the application of the policy across the firm. There is a need for “documented information”, as opposed to a documented statement. • Top-level commitment & empowerment of senior management has been raised up now, and of course, now the responsibility will not lie on one customer. Job descriptions are a good way to define roles and responsibilities. • Risk Based Thinking is a fresh and welcome addition to ISO 9001 and other ISO Standards.

ISO Certification Body of K2A Management is the only CB in Cambodia to help you gain accredited certification standards. There are many CB operating outside Cambodia and offer their certification service, but you need to think while choosing any of them how they can support your company when you need them the most.

ISO Certification Body Cambodia has a full operation in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, and always close to you makes your ideal choice as preferred CB. We can help you to understand better about the Certification requirements and help you to gain the maximum advantage of your investments.

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